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Baby Clothes: Kissy Kissy

OK, so after an “Essentials” post, let’s bounce to the far extreme and talk about overpriced but adorable baby clothes – hooray!

I discovered Kissy Kissy (yes, terrible name) at Granny Made, a store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that specializes in taking all your money for unbelievably, heart-wrenchingly cute clothes for the very small people that are about to move in with you. Don’t go in there unless you have a pocketful of spending money or some hard core self-control. I love you Granny Made, but I’m just saying.

Kissy Kissy clothing is mostly for the 6-months-and-under crowd and is made out of such unreal-y soft pima cotton that you might want to buy a whole lot of the pajama suits and make a spendy Slanket out of them for yourself. It’s hard to tell from the online catalogs exactly how adorable this clothing is. Trust me: it’s adorable. I, the Minimalist Mama, spent $85 on a Kissy Kissy little white cardigan with pink edging that has a tiny, perfect hummingbird embroidered on the left panel. Eighty. Five. Dollars. Astrid still has it, which amortizes out to about $6/month, which actually isn’t that bad really, right?

It’s hard to find a strong selection of all their designs and sizes in any one place: I haven’t been able to locate one site or store that stocks both the basics (playsuits, pajamas) and the more dressy cardigans and jackets except at Granny Made’s physical store, but has a surprisingly wide selection of the former. (Kissy Kissy’s own web site doesn’t sell their clothes and is annoyingly unhelpful.) Some baby boutiques carry a selection as do Nieman Marcus and Nordstrom, although they veer towards the more saccharine designs – like cupcakes and hearts – which are not my bag. Bloomingdales’ choices are more classic. In San Francisco, Day One carries a collection of their slightly less pricey, more practical pieces. And in New York, Granny Made carries my favorites, the little cardigan sweaters.

In my experience, the brand runs small, specifically a little short, so if you’re buying for an unknown-sized baby, go large.

I don’t believe in spending a ton of money on baby clothes, especially infant ones that they’ll be out of in 20 minutes, but seriously, people: look at these frogs! How do you not want to dress her in duckies every day??

OK, I’ll stop now.


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