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Bath Toys

Once you get beyond the terror of bathing your fragile new infant, you and your baby will probably both realize you like bath time. Warm water is relaxing. And that’ll be about the beginning and end of the whole bath thing for a while.

Bath toys, like most toys, won’t be of much interest to Baby for a few months. Save your Bath Budget for complicated little tea sets and waterfalls later. In the meantime, you can spend $10 and get a set of Haba’s adorable “squirters: little soft rubber sea animals that take in and then squirt a little bit of water. They’re small, colorful and great teethers in a pinch.

Astrid liked hers so much, I stockpiled a bunch of the seahorses and fish. One lives on the kitchen table, one in the bath. They’re all named Irving.

See how easy?

Haba Squirters, about $2.70 each at Kangarooboo (or $6 each (#$!) on Amazon)


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This entry was posted on January 17, 2012 by in Nice to Have.

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