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Cards and Invitations

You’re either the kind of person who sends printed birthday invitations or you’re not.

Subcategory of the former: the kind of person who designs your own and and prints them at your home printing press, including a perfect, tiny dried flower affixed by hand to the inside next to a tasteful shot of your little one looking serious and not in need of toys that take batteries. Alternate subcategory: the kind of person who has scrapbooking supplies on hand and enjoys a nice afternoon at a flat table with bric brac and glitter.

Let me be clear: I am the kind of person (second child, a little OCD, only ever had two birthday parties that I remember) who sends printed invitations. I am not the kind of person who has any facility with a printing press or a glue gun or knows anyone who will hook me up with their own skills in that department for cheap. So I use Tiny Prints for Astrid’s birthday invitations (and our Christmas cards and my shower invitations and birth announcements) and I love them. They have charming card choices and a meticulous process and, since they’re located in the Bay Area, their turnaround on my custom orders is ridiculous. Like, I have the prints in my hands in a week or less. But the main thing is that I love the cards themselves.

So if you’re looking for a place to print lovely invitations relatively inexpensively and quickly, consider them. They rock.

Tiny Prints, birthday party invitations starting at about 80 cents each, envelopes included


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This entry was posted on February 17, 2012 by in all ages, Holidays and Parties.

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