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Minimalist Mama is now a single site (instead of three!), so all you minimalist parents, expectant parents and lovely people who give those parents (and their kids) gifts can all be at home in one place. Hooray! Find your new home to the left and happy browsing!

A quick overview:

: Minimalist Mama Expecting. If you’re expecting a baby, especially if it’s your first child, you might want to start by looking around in Minimalist Mama Expecting (to your left, second link down) where you’ll find product reviews as well as tips. Or go directly to the spreadsheet that started it all. No photos in there, but you’ll be able to see a sortable list of everything I think you’ll need to have by the time the baby comes home from the hospital (and all the stuff you can wait and see on – or don’t need at all.)

: Minimalist Mamas. Browse freely or by your little one’s age or by product type! You may not need all the tips that might help expectant parents – you’re a pro! – but there are lots of products for little ones that might not have crossed your path yet + a little advice here and there.

: Minimalist Gifts. For parents, grandparents or anyone needing a baby shower gift, a last-minute birthday idea or just a quick “What’s up?” gift for a minimalist baby or child (or the kid of minimalists!)


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This entry was posted on June 29, 2012 by in News and Links.

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